Two things that FIFA should immediately do

1. Make sure the match balls to be used at the World Cup are the same as that used in the previous year's Confederations Cup and all international tournaments in between. The outer print / design can be different, but why should a completely new ball manufactured with new material / technology be used for the first time in a World Cup?

2. Introduce video referal system. When we have someone watching the match on high definition television with super slow-mo reviews from different angles, and we have the referee / assistant referees on the field, running and judging with thousands of vuvuzelas buzzing around them, you know who will get the decisions right!
2a. In all cases where the players are sure the referee has got a decision wrong, they should get a chance to challenge that. It is there in Tennis, Cricket, etc and there is no reason why it can't be there in Football. There is no reason for a player wrongly given a red card to sit out one / two matches, just because the referee got the decision wrong. In a tournament like World Cup, that incidence can be a differentiator.


Jas B said...

I totally agree with you on that, Subhadip.
And those vuvuzelas are so annoying...they have the potential to give one an epileptic seizure!

Brazil plays Chile this afternoon. Are you ready to watch the game. Go Brazil! :)

Anuradha said...

yeah looks like the fifa is being run no different than the govt orgs not willing to change for the good :)

anyways check this article :

Kanchan said...

Don't know much about football except that I am wotking overtime because of it :)But couldn't agree more with the points you've raised.

Butterfly said...

I guess you are raising these points after the England-Germany match on Sunday. Having watched that match and Lampard's goal, I totally agree with points 2 and 2a.

But, on a lighter note, I was rather happy when the goal was denied because I was supporting Germany.:-P Were you supporting England? I also know from your previous posts that you are a Brazil fan. Although I wouldn't call myself a German 'fan' because I don't follow football very eagerly, I have been supporting them this time.

Subhadip said...

Of course I saw the match... thought Brazil were brilliant in short spells.

Sepp Blatter is giving hints that they would re-think goal line reviews.

Overtime! Enjoy it!
I have been watching all the matches, the last of which started at midnight here every day. I am seriously sleep deprived!

I am a Brazil fan; but first, I am a good football fan. The Germans are playing well, hope they beat Argentina!

Jas B said...

They were.
And I like it when you say, "I am a Brazil fan; but first, I am a good football fan."
Team Germany is definitely playing well. I am seriously worried about Argentina [my first team!:)]. Their defense is not the greatest. But in the end, "may the best team win!" :)

It sure feels weird that there are no games until Jul 2nd. I feel deprived, strangely. Lol.