Mad May

Been too busy to write anything lately. First, there was this Table Tennis tournament I was organising at work. I also played in the tournament and lost in the Singles Quarter Finals. Also lost the Doubles Final match. People say it was the "Knight Rider" jersey we were wearing for the finals that did us in!

Got an award from our client for an initiative of creating an application. That made it two trophies in two days. Incidentally the application I built for a specific activity, became defunct that very day I got the award, since the activity itself was stopped that day!

I also took to a stricter diet last week. I was all health food and good habits for two days, when suddenly the food gods started showering parties and lunch offers. Since then, I have been on a diet of junk food, fried finger food, Biryani and soft drinks. I am extremely un-proud of my bloated self. I promise to refrain from overeating till weekend strikes.


Jas B said...

:)"Knight Rider" Jersey hey!

Weekends are good excuses for pigging out on food!!!

Rhapsody said...

why is the need to diet?

I can never diet. I love food too much. :)

Rhapsody said...

*what is the need to diet?

Anuradha said...

Hey back to the winning trophies must be a good feeling and ofcourse the biryani and the soda , enjoy :)

Butterfly said...

Well, congrats on getting the trophies. And, enjoy all the good food whenever it comes your way.:-)
Just forget all about dieting!

Subhadip said...

You bet!

I love food, but I also love myself. And I want to eat good food till the end of a long life :)


Thanks :)
For what you have achieved, you deserve a big trophy from me!

Rhapsody said... your point.:)

...but I don't want a long life toh guess, meri shot si life main jaldi-jaldi sab achcha khana enjoy kar lena makes sense..hehehe :D

Rhapsody said...

*short si life

typo errors ke liye to mujhe universal maafi hai..hehehe