First there's the Stifling heat. Then comes the breeze, and the clouds rumble, sending sparks of lightning, followed by a short but blinding dust storm. Then it rains. The rain washes away everything, it cools everything down.

That's Kalbaisakhi (roughly pre-summer storm / rain) - common in these parts of the country this time of the year. But for me, it also symbolises a situation when we have to confront someone or discuss something really important.

We think about the discussion, play the conversations several times in our mind, apprehend the reactions, and think of the consequences. It almost makes us crazy - to the point that we can't take it anymore. Then we talk. And the reactions are surprisingly cool, all the apprehensions are gone, things are clear, and the world is such a better place to be in.

Both happened here last evening.


Anonymous said...

hmm... nyc description.. 1st when i saw ur title and read first few lines i wondered.. why on earth today ur giving us lecture on what's kalbaishaki...[:P] but then i agreed to the point what u compared kalbaishaki with..:)

u were rightt.. kalbaishaki is similar to human mental frustrations which develops when everything goes wrong and when the person feels there's no solution left.. but once its been discussed with some1 ie when u burst out ur feelings to someone..it feels good.. similar to the rain when it comes down and pleases our body from the heat..

well this had been going thru within me from quiet a few weeks... reading ur article.. felt chalo mein akeli nahi hu.. :D


Butterfly said...

That is a new way of thinking about Kalbaisakhi!Upto now, I had always thought about it as just another storm which is good if I am sitting at home but bad if I am out on the streets without an umbrella. But, this comparison to human sentiments is definitely something novel. Good post!:-)

Aarbee said...

Blissful, it sounds. Hope the world remains beautiful.

Kanchan said...

Now why do I get the feeling that there is a lot happening in your life at the moment? Seems like winds of change are blowing...good for us, we can look forward to some interesting reading.

deeps said...

it happened here in delhi too....for few days atleast the weather is beautiful :)

B. O'Hemian said...

Giving lecture is my favorite pastime :P
And yes, you are not the only one!

Thanks. It's just what I was going through at that time which made me philosophize.

Hope so :)

Sure is happening! Let's hope interesting equates to positive :)

Yeah, I heard from Rohit. Good for Delhi.

I am said...

looks like Kal baishaakhi came earlier (16th April) than it does.. :)

Anonymous said...

o_O... :)

B. O'Hemian said...

Yeah, it did this year. And I am glad it did, gives such relief!