Weak Week

Lets look at some of the breaking news from India this week:

  • There were protests over Nandigram everywhere including the Lok Sabha.
  • A protest over Taslima Nasreen's visa renewal went wrong and its curfew time in Kolkata.
  • Serial bomb blasts in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Tribals clash with locals in Guwahati.

Is there a point in all this? Is there a end to all this? These numb my thought process. I can't watch the news channels on TV anymore. I am avoiding reading the newspaper front page. I start with the last page of the main paper (Sports page: an old habit) and stop somewhere in the fourth or fifth page and move on to the supplements. I have shelved all non-fiction books, and am reading Harry Potter. Its much better reading about the schemes of you-know-who of the wizard world against Harry Potter than you-don't-know-why-things-are-happening in the muggle world.


~ ॐ ~ said...

Guess what I was thinking of writing something of this sort myself..
North : Bomb Blasts in UP
South : Karnataka ka natak
East : Nandigram..

Update me on what is happening in the west...

KAbhi kabhi dar lagta hai about staying in India...

Mindinamaze said...

It is a times like these when you actually wonder about the value of a human life in our country. Is there any? The Ansals get only 2 yrs of jail for the Uphaar case. & that too they get an immediate bail.

B. O'Hemian said...

The Wild West is quiet at this point in time. The calm before the storm?

Good question! The reactive answer would be "No, there's no value of human life in India anymore". Hope I am wrong!

~ ॐ ~ said...

i hope there is no storm... i hope... but you never know.. there are enough court cases happening that side of the country...