Entertainment - redefined (comic) awards 2007

Nominee 1: The cast of Indian cricket team. Need I say more?

Nominee 2: Apocalypto - the movie. I felt cheated... the trailer was in English; the movie was in a mixture of ancient Mayan language and blood. Just intrigued me about inspiration: John Rambo and "Jaguar Paw" have very similar jungle survival skills!

Nominee 3: 300 - the movie. All the controversy about the accuracy of portrayal of historical characters got me interested. But... come on! Who analyzes comic books / cartoons? This is just that... it was a scene by scene copy of the comic book of the same name!

And the winner is '300'. It was an inspired movie! The movie Gladiator had a major influence - even the crop fields shot was inspired by it. Then Troy was a major influence too - I think the ships were same (just a doubt). I felt sorry for the poor captain! He was a captain of Achilles troops too! No promotion in all these years! The disfigured characters of the Persian army seemed to come straight after the shooting of "Lord of the Rings" (remember the Trolls?). Another intriguing thought: The Spartans left for Thermopylae with a shield, spear and sword! Did the Spartans always travel like that? Even when I go for a day trek, I take some food and water with me! Then, I am no Spartan! When I was ten, I did not fight a wolf, which, by the way, looked more like Hagrid's (of Harry Potter) pet than a real wolf!

Anyway... doesn't matter... it is just a comic book, now a movie!


Rohit Talwar said...

I went for Apocalypto last week. Ahem..we kept laughing for some reason :P
The only entertaining (forgetting the fact that it was pretty gross visually, otherwise) was the language. Loved the time he went "He's fucked" and oh the time he goes Cruching bevda. Ha!

Anyway, yes, the Indian team is pretty entertaining. But they sell stuff well.

Kanu said...

Enterprising. haven't seen the movies so I would vote for the Indian Cricket Team...Seriously yaar.....kya ho kya raha hain?

And oh yes...Love ur sarcasm...

Subhadip said...

Oh yes... some scenes were good.

What sarcasm? ;-)

Kanu said...

Did I say sarcasm....I meant I love the complete lack of sarcasm...

~ Deeps ~ said...

so wat r u going to award them with ?

Butterfly said...

300 is the winner? I am not watching this movie. First, Woodsmoke gives a bad review and now u criticize it even more.I guess spending even Rs.10 for its rented VCD would be a total waste.
And oh, the Indian cricket team!What a disaster! They were strong contenders for this award,the way they lost to Bangladesh and then to SL.

Subhadip said...

Now it makes sense.

I was thinking rotten vegetables... but guess they will relish eating that too!

On the contrary, you should invest Rs. 10 and enjoy the stupidity. In case you ever decide to make a movie, it can also serve as a lesson of what not to do.

Chitrangada said...


but i think the winner is india cricket team :)

Hoo haa india lol


StandbyMind said...

Well it has to be the Indian cricket team..

Well I get ur point...But 300 has to be an awesome movie man..just look the screen it has been shot on..the sin city feeling...ya its the comic>> Graphical novel...
Loved every bit of movie man..

neways a nice blog u have in here