Longing for a short lens

After some serious research, I have come to the conclusion that the best lens for my use with my DSLR is…. ta da … Canon 24 – 70 mm EF f2.8 L USM

  • With a DSLR, it will give me a range of 38 – 112, which I think is just about perfect for portraits and street photography, which I intend to do.
  • It has 2.8f aperture throughout its range. In simple terms, that means sharp photographs where the background is completely blurred.
  • It is an L series lens, meaning it is built for heavy duty pro use. Even top photographers in the world trust the famed red ringed lenses from Canon. Remember seeing huge white lenses by the sidelines in a football match? They are all Canon L series lens. This one is black in color though.
  • It has extremely good reviews. I have seldom seen anything slightly negative written about its quality. Almost all reviews start with “The best just got better”, referring to the previous version of this - the 28 – 70 mm. Since I don’t have the luxury of trying out different lenses before buying, I would trust the experts.

Anything against the lens? It is heavy! Both in weight and price.

Check out the lens here.

So when am I buying it? As soon as I buy my Canon DSLR. When am I buying that? Waiting for Canon to launch an upgrade of the Canon 30D :-)


Chitrangada said...



Nice talk abt lense but mujhe thoda kam gyaan hain is baare mein :P

so buy all :D

Subhadip said...

Buy ALL? Shall I send you the bill?

None of the top lenses are priced less than 1000 US dollar :-)

~ Deeps ~ said...

bas last sentence ne sab gadbad kar diya...i thot u r buying dslr ...isliye itni lens mahima ho rahi hai :D

Kanu said...


Rohit Talwar said...

Wah wah! Long term planning *cough*

Hamare fotugrapherr Dada! :P

~ | | OM | | ~ said...


30D par aa gaya tu wapas... bhool gaya apna discussion?

Woodsmoke said...

Onek cheshta koreo kichhu bujhte parlam na. Jai hok, all the best.

Subhadip said...

:-) Soon, very soon.

I was tired of tags, so I wrote something that makes sense to me. A kind of note for myself, really.

I have goals in life. Do you? :-P

Upgrade to the 30D. It is bound to be loaded with features (better than 400D) along with the great METAL body.

Cheshta to korle, shetai onek. Thanks for your wishes.

Palas said...

Dada hok hok..Kotha hobe na..Btw purano camera ta ki korbe tokhon ??? Exchange offer na........

Rohit Talwar said...

You're so dead.

Chitrangada said...


I only suggested u :P
ab lena na lena aapka kaam ..
suggest karne ke bill bharne padenge ab :D

kalyug ghor kalyug :D

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

paise hain na tere paas bahut saare !!!! mereko nai de sakta... tera ek upgrade would be as good as two XTis....

Subhadip said...

Purono camera beche debo.

That's your goal in life?

Ghor kalyug

Paise bohot saare nehi hai; tabhi soch samajh ke le raha hoon. Aise hi le liya phir do deen baad change nehi kar sakta na!

Rohit Talwar said...

What's up with the world, man? First, everyone gathers up the energy to steal our Me Firsts and now, even my lines! :O

DAMN!!! :O

Rohit Talwar said...

Oh, and for the ignoramus, I meant only Sayantani and I. Everyone has barged in and stole our game. But this is atrocious!

Woodsmoke said...

Hear hear!
Hear hear!
Right said Rohit. We SHOULD have patented MF! Cant we do it now?
And Chitrangada, refrain from such theft please. I will have to come from Idaho to punish you!

And Subhadip,
This template is so....boring.

Becoming a Stranger to Myself said...

Yaar Subhadip,ye dono log kuch zyaada senti ho gaye hain apni MF ko le ke. Let's just let them be. ab se no one should do this MF thingi.

And please kuch achhi si template lagao na. This is not so nice.

Chitrangada said...

@Rohit........:O kaunsi line churai

@Sayan ...mercy mercy :D

Chitrangada said...

Let the best blogger win this MF game ..:P

Subhadip said...

I see losers cry foul
while MF does the tenacious owl

Rohit Talwar said...

Rehne do! We've allowed you guys to play the game in the first place! :O BUT! Ye to hadd hi ho gayi *shakes head sadly*

Chitrangada said...

Ye toh sach mein hadd hain :P


*Shakes head sadly *