Something I did for the first time

That’s me rappelling down the rock face at Ramnagar, 50 kms away from Bangalore. Amit, Kailash, Arun and I went to Ramnagar yesterday to attend this adventure camp. Photograph by Arun with his Nikon F55 / 28 – 80 mm lens / ISO 400 film.


Rohit Talwar said...

The whole world is doing this and that.. to have fun. Look at poor souls here! *wails*

THIS MUST HAVE BEEN FUN! I want to, want to, WANT TO be doing adventurous stuff.

Post more pictures, man!

Oh yeah.. Me First!
SayanDi must be sleeping right now...I guess, after all the work pressure. But I've the advantage! :P
Muahahahaaaa. :D

Sanjeev said...

Good one Subhadip. I wish I can do it in near future. I always have dream of tracking but have never done it. I Wish we will go together.

Arun Salwan said...

Once again I find myself missing few of your last blogs. No matter where teh writeups are inspired but one good thing is you are regularly writing and pretty good in abstract ideas. It was certainly first rappling for me too. Once again with you to accompany me and shoot me. I remember the Hrishikesh trip.

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

Yo broithor...

this is good...

and congrats arun for the first pic posted :D

Woodsmoke said...

@ Rohit
(Since I have decided to don a peace-loving avatar) I am so happy for you. Good work, keep it up. SayanDi very proud of you.

@ Subhadip
Cool post, you know why? Because it's short and "succint" :D like all your other posts, and for better measure has a rocking picture as well. Great going!

Subhadip said...

Rohit: Congratulations. Once again, you are the first one to comment.

Sanjeev: Let's go trekking somewhere. I am always game. Plan something for July (2nd week). Till first week, I am busy on all weekends.

Arun: Once again we were together! Give a man some space, will you? Just kidding... let's carry on doing new things together. It's always a pleasure.

Prashant: Thanks. Wish you were here. You would have enjoyed. You remember the place where Sholay was shot. We saw it while going towards Mysore. This is the same place.

Woodie: Thanks. Rocking picture it is - 70% rocking (inspired from Orkut).

Rohit Talwar said...

No, doodle. It's 77%


Kanu said...

Looks like Fun...

Interesting blog sir. Must say...after visiting your blog and Prashant's blog i am convinced that appearances can be deceptive!